Baseball Down Under

strives towards motivating athletes to master the fundamentals of baseball. BDU will shape each individual by creating an environment that promotes accountability, team work, respect, competitiveness and the ability to handle adversity.

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Quokka Baseball

Learn baseball fundamentals in a whole new concept adapted for ages 5 to 9 years old.

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Red Jacks Baseball

Skills orientated programs for pitchers, hitters and catchers, available for 10 to 15 year olds.

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B45 Bombers

Specific hitti ng drill work to enforce a repeatable and smooth swing. Suits ages 15 years plus.

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Ace Academy

Specific pitching drills to repair mechanical flaws in delivery and throwing motion, suits ages 15 years plus.

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How it works!

You purchase the amount of lessons that you wish (single or multiples of 10), you then register on our website at book into one of our time slots identified on the time table.
The benefit of this program is that you will not be locked into that same time frame for every week. You can book any lessons that you wish on any day and on as many times a week.
This provides more flexibility for the players who may also be committed to different winter sports or school commitments. Payment will be taken on the first day of attendance and each participant will receive a card identifying the amount of pre-paid lessons – we will stamp each attendance. Just follow the link above to view our time table and Book Now.

It’s that easy!